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Do I need health insurance?

In the UK people are entitled to free healthcare via the NHS - so why would you need to pay for private healthcare?

As most of us know treatment and care on the NHS is second to none, but there are increasing limitations due to pressures and demand as a result of factors like a rising population. This has caused an increase in how long people have to wait for diagnosis or treatment. Currently, 12% of NHS patients wait longer than is first stated for a planned operation or treatment.

What is private health insurance?

Private health insurance will pay some or all of your medical expenses if you are treated privately. With the right coverage you can have greater control over how you are treated – whether this is in a private hospital or a NHS one.

By investing in private health insurance you will have extra peace of mind that should you be faced with an unexpected health concern you will be seen and treated quickly. Private health insurance should not be used as a substitute for the NHS; it works best when used alongside it. In the UK 10% of the population choose private medical cover and more than one million operations are carried out privately each year.

Do I need private healthcare?

When we think about investing in car or home insurance, the choice is usually easy. But when it comes to our health many of us don’t even think about the potential investment and benefits we could receive – worries about our health are often pushed to the bottom of the priority list. Private medical insurance is a great way to give yourself extra peace of mind when it comes to your health and will ensure you are protected should the worst happen. Make sure you find the best cover for you that suits all your needs and requirements and for the best price!

Health insurance does not have to be expensive; there are ways in which you can slash the costs of premiums. Some insurers will provide discount to the overall price if you pay upfront for a whole year, this can be five, or even ten percent, off the total. Many insurers also will charge less if you prove you stay in good health with exercising and healthy eating habits, as a bonus you may even get cheaper gym memberships.

What are the benefits of Private Health Insurance?

There are many more great benefits to private health insurance other than just a decrease in waiting times including:

  • Specialist referrals – if you are not happy with your NHS diagnosis, you can request to be seen by a specialist or just ask for a second opinion.
  • Choose where you have your treatment – Choose your surgeon and from 600 hospitals, at a time which is best for you.
  • Better facilities – It gives you access to better food, a better nurse to patient ratio and a private room with an en-suite so you don’t have to share – this can help reduce the risk of any infections after treatment.
  • Specialist drugs/treatment - Some treatments are not possible for the NHS to supply due to being too expensive or not having been approved, with private health insurance you can use your cover to try these.

Even though there are many benefits to private health insurance, there are some things to consider before taking out a policy. Many policies do not cover pre-existing medical conditions or ones that do can be more costly – a pre-existing medical condition is a physical, medical or nervous condition that existed at the time of application for a policy.

Comparing health insurance is one of the best ways to reduce price. With our service you’ll be able to compare major UK providers in one place – saving you both time and money.

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